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Who are we?


____Alpha Gamma Sigma is a California community college honor society. Its purpose is to foster, promote, maintain, and recognize academic excellence through scholarships.


____In 1925, Dr. William T Boyce conceived the idea of promoting a statewide community college honor society. He saw in it an intellectual stimulus comparable to Phi Beta Kappa in the 4-year colleges.


____As head administrator of Fullerton Community College, Dr. Boyce was chiefly responsible for the formation of the California community college honor society that eventually became the Alpha Gamma Sigma we know today.


____The Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society is an inspired group of over 100 self-motivated Honors students working to make a life-changing difference at Mt. SAC and the community.


____Our mission is to promote academic excellence, community awareness, and professional achievement. We plan, coordinate, and participate in service-oriented activities for Mt. SAC and the community. We offer numerous opportunities for cultural, social, and enrichment experiences. As an Honor Society, we foster, maintain, and recognize academic excellence through scholarships.



Α stands for "Arete" meaning "Excellence"
(The quality of which constitute the best)


Γ stands for "Gnosis" meaning "Knowledge"
(The ability to understand with depth and penetration)


Σ stands for "Sophrosyne" meaning "Wisdom"
(Temperance, self-awareness, love of truth, beauty, goodness, and respect for others)